Instead Of Adopting A Child From Overseas, Consider These Options First

When it comes to adopting a child, there's little question that selecting a child from overseas is highly commendable. The idea of adopting someone from a developing country can not only give the child opportunities that he or she would never have had, but also make you feel as though you're doing something positive for the world. Before you consider a child from overseas, however, it's worthwhile to consider children who need homes in your own city or state. While some children get adopted quickly, others may not — and these are the children on whom it's nice to focus. Here are some options to consider.

An Older Child

Many adoptive parents look to adopt children when they're infants. There are several advantages to taking this approach, including the child growing up with the understanding that you're his or her parents, as well as your ability to raise the child in the manner that suits you from the start. Unfortunately, this can mean that some older children don't get adopted as quickly — and this can be highly disheartening for a child who may feel that no one wants him or her. Before you think about an overseas adoption, see if any of your local adoption agencies have children who are older and who might be ideal for you.

A Child With A Difficult Past

When you consult your local adoption agencies, you'll find that some of the children have difficult pasts. For example, perhaps a child was exposed to violence in the home and lost his or her parents because one parent killed the other. Some prospective adoptive parents will shy away from such cases, and this can mean that these children have to wait a long time to find a new home. Just as an overseas adoption can give opportunities to someone who wouldn't otherwise get them, giving a fresh start and a loving home to a child with a difficult past is also highly commendable.

A Child With A Disability

Children with disabilities can sometimes wait extensively to be adopted, which means that such children deserve your compassion and consideration — perhaps ahead of thinking about an overseas adoption. A child with a learning disability or a physical limitation might seem like a lot of work, but caring for this child and making him or her a valued member of your family can also be highly rewarding. Contact your local adoption agency to see if you can be paired with one of the above children.